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Dear customers,

As of the 1st August 2017 Impact Academy will cease trading and the venue will be run by a non-profit Community Interest Company (CiC). Fortunately, most of the classes will continue running with the same timetable. Most of the activities and instructors will continue running their classes independently. This means we will no longer be using Glofox as a central payment method, and all payments will need to be paid to the person in charge of the activity. Your instructor will give you further details.

Classes until this changeover will remain the same and you will not be expected to do anything different than you have been.


The Glofox system will be stopped on July 30th 2017. As a means of phasing out Glofox, we encourage you to pay by cash, card, or cheque until this deadline. Your remaining credits after the deadline will be refunded pro rata, just speak to the receptionist at the front. (For Taekwondo, your credits can roll over until the 18th of August). To help prevent any issues, monthly Glofox deals will now be unavailable to allow customers to use their remaining credits for the remaining lessons.


Time Slots: Taekwondo will retain its Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes. It’s Thursday class will be replaced with a Saturday class. This change will commence on the July 13th. When you return a new payment system will be in place. Contracts made with Glofox can be carried on until the 18th of August.

During the period of 14th of July until the 18th of August, Taekwondo will be running a once a week lesson on a Friday with its current Friday time-slot. The cost for the month is a 4-credit equivalent, or the respected pay as you go cost for your lesson. Payments should be made to the receptionist by cash or card, rather than Glofox.

Payment: From the 18th August there will no longer be a Bronze, Silver, Gold memberships or individual lessons. Instead, all lessons will be unlimited for a fixed monthly fee paid by cash/card/cheque, or sign up to a direct debit which will provide a £5 per month discount.

New prices will be as follows:

Pay as you go price Price per month
Price per month
(Direct Debit)
TKD Kids Beginners (30 minutes) N/A £35 £30
TKD Kids Advanced (45 minutes) N/A £40 £35
TKD Juniors N/A £45 £40
TKD Adults N/A £55 £50

If you have any customised contracts with Impact Academy they will be stopped. You will be asked to sign-on with our new direct debit system and pricing starting August 18th.

Muay Thai

Time: Muay Thai will be retaining its current allocated time slot on Monday 8:00pm, but Thursdays have been cancelled until further notice Payment: All fees and payments must be made directly to the instructor depending on his payment methods. Ask your instructor for further details.


Time: Kickboxing will no longer be running its Saturday 10:00am class, but only on Tuesday at 8:00pm and Thursday at 7:30pm. Payments: Payments are to be given at the end of the lesson for singles and monthly payments can be paid only in cash (for now) to the instructor. For pricing please speak with your instructor.


Boxing will be taken over by a new company which will be developing the back and installing it with new equipment such as bags, mitts, a ring and many other items to improve your boxing experience. As such, boxing will be closed from the period of July 1st until September to allow for refurbishment of the back and the installation of equipment. If it is completed sooner, a reminder will be delivered to inform you.

They will be affiliated with the Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) in order to help beginners learn the fundamentals of boxing and self-defence and giving the option to partake in amateur boxing competitions. Prices will need to be confirmed by your new boxing coach and will be provided to you at a later date.


Times: MMA will continue operating on Saturdays at 12pm for 1.5h.

Payment: MMA payments will need to be paid directly to the instructor. Please speak to your instructor for further information on prices and deals.

Kettle bells

Kettle bells will continue to operate as it has been.


Zumba will be added starting July 20th on Thursday at 18:00 to 19:00. Prices have not yet been decided.

We apologise for any inconvenience these changes will cause you.

These dates and figures are subject to change and we will inform you if any changes are made. If you would like any more information, you can ask the receptionist at the desk, or send an e-mail. Your instructors will follow up with a letter providing more information.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Receptionist: +44 7860 930 315

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